Alaçatı Kite Festival


Let’s admit it; in the past, we all tore a page from our notebook and made kites, then watched them flying in the air with full excitement... Together with friends from the neighborhood, we all loved racing our kites on the streets… In this sense, perhaps we all experienced our first big sadness when our kite tangled to electrical wires; or we have learned consoling a friend through the kites as well.


Some objects are so valuable that they mean a lot to people; maybe it is not only the feeling they cause but is the things from the past they remind; in this sense, kite is the case for us. Kite is freedom for us; maybe the realization of dreams… It is the child in all of us. It is so magical and fun. Even more, it is the magic itself.


Now, take a moment and lift your head and take a look at the sky of Alacati; what you will see is the sky that covered with colorful kites in all sizes. Those who want to witness this magical moment, whether they would live a part of their childhood again, or they would give a hand to keep from one end of the kite. Please do take some photographs of these lollipop-like kites as they paint the sky with different colors and decorate your walls with them.