The Space I Inhabit

Imperfect beauty perfection of loving Zeynep Belor, natural and nature-loving Virgo Özkutlu, the tale into reality lovers Merve Şendil "Covered area (The Space I inhabit)" exhibition with Red Thrush in the Art Gallery are coming together.


Looking at a different point, see different things, they saw three young women who share similar feelings meet under the same roof. Art basics of life Zeynep started throwing in Ankara is Bel, Virgo Özkutlu and Merve Şendil 'independently of one another but also so close to Alacati perspectives with different techniques carry.


"Covered area (The Space I inhabit)" exhibition presented works by three young artists in the common property of the reality of life, transportation canvas combine with their own perception of reality. Every situation which differentiates them ordinary reflect an unusual way. When not engaging live / inanimate unbelievable how people can get a case of the utopian character, but so far the simple beauty of nature, unusual and with the imperfections of the digital world are showing us.


19:00 Opening of the Exhibition Monday